Project Description

Green City Italy implements and develops the aims of the homonymous Associations and European foundations active in the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, France, Hungary, Switzerland and other European countries.

Spreads awareness of the significant potential and the value of urban green in order to increase the welfare of the citizens and their ability to develop, even economically, the urban transformation. Promotes research and development projects to improve urban quality. Gathers all citizens and organizations interested in promoting an ecological culture regarding design, implementation and management of the territory. It acts as a facilitator between government, organizations, businesses, professionals, scientists and citizens.

Promotes activities on environmental sustainability issues through:
– meetings, workshops, exhibitions and events;
– green publications, brochures, studies and researches;
– good design practices for urban green and landscape aimed at sustainability;
– social activities: promoting initiatives related to health, wellbeing and education, encouraging participation processes.


Green City Italia

Via Varese, 16 – 20 121 Milano

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