Project Description

The public or private Green is not only the tool to counter environmental degradation, environmental anthropization, today more than ever it represents the foundation of a sustainable development that re-established the close relationship between one person and the quality of life.
Green is, and must therefore be, one of the strategic points of Italian policies, not only because of its significant economic repercussions or for its ecological implications, but most importantly for its social and cultural effects.
Nursery gardening must be considered fully an agricultural activity, due to its intimate and profound definition that links entrepreneurial and professional activity to the management of the “Green”.
In this intimate bond between the production of flowers and plants, essences for agricultural production, for the recovery of degraded areas, hit by natural disasters or for the creation of spaces, green areas and the society, societies, even foreign ones, given the quality and excellence of our nursery gardening businesses, the “professionalism” that characterizes and qualifies the Italian floricultural sector emerges, they affirm themselves.
Being part of the “Green” model, the Agricultural Technicians and Graduated Agrarian Experts, of which fifteen thousand are enrolled in the Register and half a million technicians and graduates from: 120 Agricultural Technical Institutes with secular history, ITS, three-year university courses, continue with conviction their journey alongside the ANVE, so that the socio-economic importance of the Italian floriculture excellence established in the world is recognized.


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