Project Description

AIB All Insurance Broker srl was founded in Pistoia in 1996 with the aim of finding the most appropriate insurance solutions for the needs of customers on the market. In these years, AIB has grown exponentially so as to become an important reality at national level that invests in men, know-how and technology to put it at the service of its customers.
In 2010 AIB created for the first time in Italy the first facilitated multi-risk insurance policy to protect ornamental plant nurseries against frost and frost, drought, hail, excess snow, excess rain, flood, strong winds and winds sirocco and sunstroke. Every year the policy is modified to accommodate further needs arising from the comparison with the insured companies.
In fact, already for some years it has been possible to ensure also the plant diseases (according to the PAAN – National Agricultural Insurance Plan) as well as the bacterioses, virosis, Asian woodworm, red weevil and root rot.
The policy is drawn up in compliance with the regulations in force and, therefore, enjoys the contribution on the payment of the premium by the European Union up to 70% of the total requested by the insurers.
Our agriculture division (AGR-INS) is able to support / assist customer companies at 360 °, therefore not only for the protection of its products in pots or in the open field with subsidized policies, but also for the management of any type of risk such as policies for the protection of plants and buildings, policies for civil liability towards third parties, etc.


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