Project Description

In 2015, AIAPP – Italian Association of Landscape Architecture and ANVE signed a memorandum of understanding to take common, synergistic actions in support of landscape design and of quality horticultural products. Since 1950, AIAPP has represented Italian professionals committed to protecting, preserving, and improving landscape quality. It supports and recognizes the social, ethical and environmental role of landscape architecture to improve the quality and livability of cities and of urban, periurban, natural, semi-natural, agricultural, and forest open spaces.

AIAPP is a strong supporter of the need for institutions, bodies, associations, entrepreneurs and professionals to network in order to put forward concrete, functional actions that will help our country to reposition itself in Europe and in the world as a nation mindful of its landscape, its identity, and distinctive features. It promotes and encourages the development and management of our immense landscape heritage, with the aim of actively safeguarding and protecting it, through new proposals and accomplishments that are moving to an ever greater implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

AIAPP and ANVE wish to re-affirm the Italian garden and landscape tradition around the world, a tradition that began in the Renaissance when Italian designers, workers, and plants were synonymous with professionalism, creativity, and quality. This memorandum between AIAPP and ANVE is a tool for promoting internationally the sector’s landscape design chain: the designers, nurserymen and green-area construction companies who work together to carry out quality landscape projects.


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