Project Description

The OLEA group was founded in 2019 by the will of five floral and plant nursery companies, with the intent to unite to the purpose of sharing each other’s expertise in production and business to allow them to grow and be more incisive in the global market. The businesses accompany by the production of mainly olive trees but also outdoor ornamental plants, citrus fruits, mimosas, vines and fruit plants. On the grounds of creating a common trademark, OLEA aims to streamline some of the types of purchase specific to their own sector, develop synergy in marketing, and succeed in entering market segments that are yet to be ventured by the individual companies. Furthermore OLEA aims to promote research and innovation with regards to the production of plants intended for the making of the most modern olive groves.


OLEA Rete Contratto
Pescia (PT), Via Sferrato n. 16
Referente: Luca Cinelli
cell: 328 1161917