Project Description


Protect an important sector of the Abruzzo economy. Promote the value of international businesses. It is the mission of Assoflora, the association of Abruzzo floriculture producers founded in 1985 and representative of fifty companies in a sector that has nothing to envy to other Italian regions: by virtue of particularly favorable climatic conditions, with temperatures that rarely reach hot temperatures and extreme cold, Abruzzo can boast a production of real excellence in the various nursery gardening.
Among the initiatives it carries out, the most important is Florviva, an annual event held in the spring in the splendid location of Marina di Pescara, with the participation of over two hundred exhibitors also from outside the region: a moment of promotion but also of meeting and study on the most important topics in the sector.
Membership with Anve is considered by Assoflora as strategic point to provide national and European horizon.


Associazione dei Produttori Flororvivaisti Abruzzesi
Via Nazionale, 38, Cepagatti PE
presso il Mercato Ortofrutticolo “La Valle della Pescara” –

tel +39 335.8139091 +39 335 1709639