Project Description

The Auricchio and Sons company was founded in the close 2013, by two brothers Auricchio, Pasquale and Domenico. The company covers about fourteen hectares of production, over external collaborations, with structures made of iron-glass/ iron-plastic tunnel and coultivation in open field, the flagship of the company Auricchio. The production counts about 2,000,000 vases ranging from diameter 10, up to diameter 26, counting a hundred different species. The company is divided into 3 macro areas: rooting, production and selling. During Spring the Auricchio company is involved in distributing flowered Mediterranean products such as: Lavandula, Convolvolo, Euryops, giving colour and scent to public planters and balconies. In Autumn, however, the sale moves on more rustic and typical plants such as cyclamens and Christmas stars. The main objective of the company is the research of new cultivation techniques, more and more attentive to environmental impact; in recent years has invested in photovoltaics, biomass and in the control of parasites and fungi on crops, with the use of useful insects and the reduction chemicals. In order to guarantee a sustainable product, the company adheres to the cultivation’s disciplinary MPS, recognized at European level and increasingly requested by the national and the foreigner markets.



Via Tripoli, 33 – 70038 Terlizzi (BA)
Tel: + 39 080 21 46 349
Fax: + 39 080 21 46 349