Project Description

The Vesperini Simone company is located in the town of Spinetoli, in the south of Marche.

The business covers a total area of about 14 hectares, of which 13 hectares dedicated to open field cultivation and 1 hectare dedicated to cultivation in pots.

The cultivation activity focuses mainly on the production of typical Mediterranean species, but also other species that adapt well to our climates. All species produced in the company are cultivated in both tree and bush form, from the smallest to considerable sizes.

Mainly produced are: q. Ilex, c. Siliqua, c. Camphora, tamarix Gallica, tamarix Africana, l. Nobilis, n. Oleander, a. Unedo, lagerstroemia sp., washingtonia sp., q. Suber, c. Aurantium, p. Lentiscus, m. Communis and Fotinia sp.



Azienda Agricola Vesperini Simone

Via Fiobbo 18, Spinetoli (AP)
Cell. 334 3239068