Project Description

The BPER Group was created in 1992 on the initiative of BPER Banca. The underlying objective was to create a federal entity, in which each Bank in the Group could take advantage of the synergies of a large Group, while maintaining operating autonomy and deep roots in the local areas.
Seriousness, transparency and professionalism are the core values that inspire the BPER Group’s “way of banking”, with the aim of favouring the savings of households and the resources of businesses in all scenarios, conceiving of lending as a tool for developing and promoting local areas.
The BPER Group today is a strong entity of four commercial Banks, all autonomous and well-established in their various areas of operation. In addition to the banks, the Group also includes numerous product companies (asset management, personal loans, leasing and factoring) and special purpose vehicles.
The BPER Group can also count on a sound network of partnerships and equity investments, including controlling stakes, in foreign financial institutions. Through specific “Italian desks”, these relationships provide effective operational support to all companies involved in internationalization processes.

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