Project Description

Buccelletti is a historic company in the Italian floriculture scene, with a long family tradition in the production of cuttings and young plants to be re-cultivated.
Its 4 hectares of greenhouses give life to a nursery specialized in ornamental plants and fruit plants, including olive trees of various species. The nursery is able to meet orders for large quantities, and produces 4 million pieces of alveolus and finished plants, distributed in Italy and abroad.
The nursery production has a rich variety assortment, from ornamental essences and shrubs to fruit-bearing plants.
The ornamental range includes varieties of the Mediterranean maquis, deciduous trees, conifers, flowering shrubs and climbing plants, indoor plants, aquatic and marsh plants. Furthermore, the company is able to find all kinds of essences on the Italian or foreign market.
Buccelletti turns to tillers, wholesale and retail nurseries, farms, direct growers.



Via Salceto 24, 52043 Castiglion Fiorentino (Ar)

Tel.: +39 0575 680006 Fax: +39 0575 1946856

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