Project Description

Buccelletti Nurseries is the company of the family Buccelletti. Founded by the Buccelletti brothers produces Olives and young ornamental plants  on 3 hectares of greenhouses since the 80s. The company is based in the town of Castiglione Fiorentino in Tuscany and provides throughout Italy. Produces exclusively young plants for re-cultivation in various sizes of socket, 8 vessel, vessel 13.
Buccelletti Nurseries is a 100% renewable powered energy company. In fact the production of heat for the heating of greenhouses during the winter period is effected via the central heat biomass and from solar installation that allows the reduction to 0 in the consumption of fossil fuels.

The company is at the service of large growers companies, is working as the leader of agro industrial innovative projects and focuses its sales network on the figure of the owners.



Via Salceto n. 24 – 52043 Castiglion Fiorentino (Ar)

Tel.: +39 0575 680006 Fax: +39 0575 1946856

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