Project Description

Love for land is the principle that has always driven Michele Cantatore’s lifestyle.
A love passed to the children Nunzio, Doriana and Domenico, who built a team of professionals and lead a company of 35 years of tradition in growing and selling plants.

Vivaio Cantatore supplies convenient, fast and personalised services.
We use the latest equipments and technology and we deliver our products globally.
Our nursery offers thousands of different plant species, grown on 25 hectars, including 25.000 sqm conservatories a true natural oasis, all to see and appreciate.

We are specialised in selling: bush, mediterranean plants, big trees (olea, ceratonia siliqua, palms, cycas, quercus ilex, quercus suber, arbutus unedo, dasylirion), tropical plants and assorted plants of any size and kind. We can answer and demand with a wide selection of products.



Str. Prov. Molfetta – Terlizzi Km 4 – Molfetta – Ba –
Via Cappa Vecchia – Molfetta – Ba –
Tel/Fax: +39 080-33 52 587
Cell. Michele Cantatore +39 338.6320873
Cell. Nunzio Cantatore +39 340.6259490