Project Description

The Cicciari Company was founded following an ancient passion and love for nature in 1970 thanks to the truly innovative spirit of Mr. Salvatore Cicciari and Mrs. Sebastiana Siracusa and it is now considered the most complete enterprise in the industry of the coltivation of industrial and decorative plants. At present the Company owns over 30.000 sqm of nurseries. Thanks to the climate, the geographical position and the soil, we can grow a wide variety and species of plants, especially olives and citrus which are ready to be transplanted in sea, plain and mountain gardens.
The professionalism and care in doing our job and the continued commitment to satisfy the costumers have contributed to raise the esteem and trust in the company. The company owns a broad assortment of measures and shape for each species of plants, with immediate availability.



C.da Salicà, Terme Vigliatore (ME)

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