Project Description

COMPAGNIA DEL LAGO MAGGIORE continues the tradition, passion and professionalism in agriculture which started here 150 years ago, at this time there were hundreds of Villas surrounding the beautiful costs of Lake Maggiore and her smaller counterparts. The search for new species and varieties coupled with passionate gardeners sparked an interest and culture still rigorously followed by us today. We grow 200 varieties of Camellia, 60 varieties of Azalea, named and labeled in sizes from 2lt – 2000lt, in this we are unique in Europe.
As well as growing the above we also have in constant cultivation numerous varieties of flowering and ornamental shrubs and trees, which all adapt very well to our climate, Acer’s, Cornus, Dafne, Davidia, Enkianthus, Heptacodium, Hydrangea, Kalmia, Osmanthus, Pieris, Rhododendron, Stewartia, and Styrax.
COMPAGNIA DEL LAGO MAGGIORE is today running the largest tea plantation in Europe.



Via Chimica 2, I 28924 Verbania

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