Project Description

We, Coplant produce 100 hectares, 70 hectares in open field and 30 hectares of container.We propose an always more wide quality production to fulfil the inquiries of the green sector in Italy and abroad. We produce trees in open field and in container. The form trees are one of the latest offer we have in our sortiment.Our production of plants in container offers coversoil shrubs, evergreen shrubs, deciduous, with flowers, hedging starting from container C.1,3LT to Solitair trees. We produce also conifers, climbing plants, fruit trees in different sizes. We have a wide production of covering roses, with big flower, polyantha, climbing and espalier roses. To complete our sortiment we have started producing forestry shrubs, herbaceous perennials and gramineous. Visiting Coplant will be an interesting experience and will allow You to have a view of this young and vital company.



Str. Canneto-Casalromano
46013 Canneto sull’Oglio (MN)
Tel.+39 0376 723885
Fax.+39 0376 70564