Project Description

In the heart of the Po Valley, by the side the Oglio river which descends from Lake Iseo towards the river Po, the idea for the Dellavalle company was born; an idea that Giorgio Dellavalle has driven forward thanks to his expertise, knowledge of the conventions for green spaces, motivation and pursuit of quality at every step of the design process. Dellavalle Gardens has always
operated with perfect harmony between all the components of its business.

Central to the objectives for each design is a respect for the client as an individual, rather than as an object of commercial interest. Over the years, this commitment and desire have been rewarded with success.

Giorgio Dellavalle’s managerial staff include his sons, Stefano and Matteo, and a nucleus of co-workers who are increasingly specialised and skilled. Today, the drive for innovation has opened up the vision for new interpretations of green space: and so it was that the section of the company dedicated to vertical gardens, requiring cutting-edge artistic and technological skills,
came into being. This desire for innovation spawned ellavalle&Arts, a new branch of the company which offers green space as way of rediscovering nature in art: an expression of artistic and echnological know-how par excellence.

It is in the history of Dellavalle Gardens that the seeds of its future are to be found. Every day the team opens itself to innovation without ever losing sight of its close connection with nature.



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