Project Description

Floramiata Floriculture Company, born at the end of the 70’s, is located in Piancastagnaio in the province of Siena. The production covers an area of approximately 1.240.000 sqm. Of this, 238.000 sqm are protected by heated greenhouses with heat of geothermal origin, 97.000 sqm are equipped for the cultivation of nurseries and the remainder is occupied by arable land, green areas, roads and buildings.

The core business consists of the production of tropical plants of about 60 different species including Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Scindapso, Dieffenbachia, Schefflera, Phalaenopsis. Among the company’s activities, it is worth emphasizing the presence of the meristematic multiplication center, which with a large laboratory and climatic greenhouses produces a large number of small paperpots.



Loc. Casa del Corto, 53025 Piancastagnaio (SI)

Tel: +39 0577 781702 Fax: +39 0577 786385

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