Project Description

Floricoltura Carboni was born in 1987 with the commercial name Florgarden, from the idea and experience of an agricultural entrepreneur, Nino Carboni. The family tradition, which began in the 30s in the first farm, has developed the floriculture and fruit and vegetable production in the other farms in the province of Sassari, to dedicate itself later to the construction of the Garden Center with over 4000 square meters.

Today Florgarden is a registered trademark and the Carboni brothers and put at the service of their customers all the professionalism and experience acquired in more than 30 years of activity and on a total area of 25 has divided into three companies located in the province of Sassari: specialized personnel, agronomists and consultants of the green guarantee the quality of their products, because they develop in their own companies most of the productions intended for the sale of the garden and organized distribution. Over the years, the companies have selected productions of annual blooms (varieties of petunias, geraniums, vinca, lantane) climbing vines (bougainvillea, rhynchospermum, plumbago), cyclamens, chrysanthemums, Christmas stars, but also indoor plants such as kentie and ficus benjamin.

Passion and tradition for greenery… that’s why every time I enter Florgarden, I reflourish again!



Via Predda Niedda, 2/e – 07100 Sassari SS
Telefono 079.261060
Fax 079.262430