Project Description

The company started in 1992, it has developed on a surface of 30 hectares on the fertile Perugia plain, divided as follow: 25 ha on soil cultivation and 5 ha for pot cultivation of transplanted plants. Our production consists mostly in Mediterranean trees, Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis) clone differentiated, in which productive characteristics are protected by a severe observance of controlled quality and Holms oak (Quercus ilex) in the form of standard,cones,or bushes.

We believe that the first quality threes production represent the future for the growth of our company and of European plants nursery market. Cupressus semp.Stricta:Clone Sancorey-Obelisc-Totem Quercus
ilex,pubescens,robur-Viburnum tinus–Pinus nigra,sylvestris



Strada Tuderte 174 Perugia (PG)
Tel: +39 075 388569
Fax: +39 075 3887568