Project Description

The Laura Ryolo is a plant nursery located in the province of Messina. It covers an area of ​​over 150.000 mq; once producing citrus fruits and other fruit and vegetables, today greenhouses and shaded structures accompany the ancient trees, where Kentia palms, Chamadorea, Ficus.

Out in the fields Cycas, Olives, Palms, Strelitzia, and many other plants.

The Farm is able to carry out all stages of production,such as: propagation of seed plants on canvans/by grafting, production of plant specimens, including in the open fields, wholesale plant production, production of flowering trees, evergreens and rapid effect hedges.



design and creation of public green spaces, gardens, villas, parks, hotels, campgrounds, and construction of hanging gardens, design and implementation of irrigation systems, public and private green space maintenance, pruning services, installation and maintenance of lawns and turf, transplants of plants, phytosanitary treatments, implementation of afforestation, works of environmental.



Largo Case Lunghe
98051 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)
Phone: +39 090 9763376

Fax: +39 090 9763795