Project Description

Milagross SCA is a young cooperative which includes the greatest production of the sicilian territory. The field office is in Milazzo (ME), amazing penisula which faces on Tyrrhenian sea.
A whole logistic network causes that in a unique warehouse, over 4000 articles which come from ours 92 productors, are sorted.
A single brand, guaranteed productionals excellence and a close monitoring on the shipments.
Two distincts networks distribution, follow by our officies, fastly supplies national and international territory.
In addiction to traditional transictions, today Milagross is capable, thanks to their software, of organizing mixed trolleys with thousands of articles, by promoting weekly supply with modest quantities.
Citrus, palms, olive trees, flowering plants are supported by numerous tropical and subtropical essences, which make our handsome offer working, every single month.



Via Sardegna SNC – 98057 Milazzo (ME)
Tel: + 39 090 9587335/36
Cell :+ 39 347 7067967 (Antonino)