Project Description

OASI VIVAI PIANTE was born as a small nursery garden in 1987 and in a short time it became an important reality in the field of the production of young ornamental plant. The farm, which is composed of 6500 mq of conditioned structures, 48000 mq of cultivation yards, and 50000mq of cultivation fields, is at the top in the production chain, because it uses the cuttings-propagation method for ornamental plants that nurserymen can immediately cultivate or commercialize for theirselves when they are ready.

Thanks to our almost-30 years experience, we are able to multiply quickly new interestplants, in order to satisfy the specific requirments of customers who are more and more mindful. We produce for you young plants in 7×7 pots, coming from seed cells that we root in our greenhouses; strong plants, tufted, selected and grown in the open air.


Via Val Di Foro, 66010 Ripa Teatina Chieti
Tel: +39 0871 398006
Fax: +39 0871 398006