Project Description

The company, which covers a surface of 14.5 ha, including air-conditioned structures, shade structures, cultivation areas, and open field cultivations, is at the top of the production chain, since it propagates by cuttings ornamental plants, usable by nursery gardeners that complete their cultivation or simply commercialise them.
Thanks to a thirty-year experience, we rapidly multiply new interest plants to satisfy specific requests of a more and more attentive clientele.
We produce plants in 7×7 pots, coming from alveoli that root in our greenhouses, strong, branched, selected plants, grown in open air.
Together with this that is always our “Core Business” there is the production of 1-2 l pots, suitable for recultivation to obtain larger and immediate effect plants among which climbing plants, large shrubs and trees.


Via Val Di Foro, 66010 Ripa Teatina Chieti
Tel: +39 0871 398006
Fax: +39 0871 398006