Project Description

The story behind Industrie Grafiche Pacini
Industrie Grafiche Pacini was founded in 1872 in Pisa. The founder, the Cavalier Mariotti, had no children, so he left the business to his nephew Emilio Pacini; my sister Francesca and I represent the fifth generation. Industrie Grafiche Pacini has always been connected to the local University, especially as far as the scientific and humanistic fields are concerned. In fact, the first headquarters of our publishing company were located in Piazza dei Cavalieri, close to the famous Scuola Normale Superiore.
Which are the company’s main areas of interest?
History, art, environment and health are our main fields; noteworthy are – in particular – the series UomoNatura and the several magazines dedicated to the excellence of the Italian territory.
Pacini is not just a Publisher, but also a printing industry: isn’t that an unusual solution?
Oldest Publishers, like Rizzoli, were originally born as printing companies and used to combine printing activities to publishing; even today, our printing industry, thanks to last generation printing machineries, is able to ensure highest quality standards at most competitive prices, thus responding to the needs of companies such as those which participate in ANVE.
How would you describe your collaboration with ANVE?
Industrie Grafiche Pacini was the first publisher and printing company in Italy to be certified with ISO-9001 and also obtained the FSC certification a few years ago: Pacini considers environment and nature essential; that’s why cooperation with ANVE is particularly important and in line with our policy of bringing out the real excellences of Italy abroad, including ANVE and its member companies.


Via A. della Gherardesca, 56121 PISA
Referente: Marco Marconi
Tel: +39 050 313011
cell: +39 335 6042998
Fax: +39 050 3130300