Project Description

 The floricultural company, Paganopiante, specializing in the supply of tropical plants for indoors and outdoors, is a leader in the italian floriculture market. Important alliances with countries that producs and export tropical plants, allow the company to offer the Italian and European market a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants from specimens in commercial sizes of the following varieties: Bonsai, Sansevieria, Yucca, Cycas, Succulents. Ensuring special attention to accessories, ever more sophisticated and designer oriented, proposed in many forms and colors it can offer very unique vases for a complete, ready-for-sale product. A team of highly qualified technicians and collaborators provide, in addition to the product and in-store sales consulting, efficient logistics management. Making the world greener, efficient, and elegant, writing stories of sustainability, with Paganopiante you can.



Via dei Fiori, 3
70037 Ruvo di Puglia (BA)
Tel: +39 080 3613701
Fax: +39 080 3602169