Project Description

The floricultural company Paganopiante, specialized in producing and supply tropical plants for indoor and outdoor, is leader in the floricultural italian market. The important relationships with countries that produce and export tropical plants, allow the company to offer to the Italian and European market, many products like: Ficus Ginseng, Sansevieria, Succulents, Arrangements with Succulents, Beaucarnea, etc.

Paganopiante, always researches to improve and program their productions, enriching with design pots, providing a wide and innovative offer.

An efficient logistics management and an hight attention to satisfied customers, are strengths supplied by a team of technicians and collaborators highly qualified.



di Raffaele e Carlo Pagano & Co.

Via dei Fiori, 3

70037 Ruvo di Puglia (BA)

Tel. +39 080 3613701

Fax (+39) 080 3602169