Project Description

Piante marconi. The dream goal of our garden nursery has always been to cultivate plants thinking of the future, because we strongly beleive that the environment today must be protected.
The most precious gift of all, is in the watchful eyes of the children around us.
So We asked ourselves: how would a child picture and paint a garden nursery?
So it’s With that simplicity of mind that we strive to design the garden nursery, that will fulfill the needs of tomorrow.
It’s True, we cultivate a dream: the possibility of living in a fairer world.
Where development walks side by side with sustainability, caters for the well-being of all and includes our deep desire to work surrounded by beauty.
Our goal is to grow, today, the plants of tomorrow, with the gaze of those who will be protagonists of the future, because we are convinced that plants will help us save the world.
Since the very first beginning, our most important aim, at the base of our work has been you and your well-being.



Via Ischia, 129 – 63066 Grottammare (AP)
Tel: +39 0735 735642
Cell. Giuseppe Marconi: +39 336 509991
Cell. Roberto Marconi: +39 348 9050825