Project Description

The company Primavita is located in the countryside of Molfetta (BA) and is the first connection in the plants production chain. The company is specialized in the production and propagation of more than 500 species of ornamental plants, Mediterranean and Australian varieties. The second important goal of the company is to reconcile economic competitiveness, technological innovation and care for the environment. From the seed to the young plant: every single step of production is made with scrupulous attention, constantly assisted by our agronomists and phytosanitary experts. The final product of this pathway is composed by young Mediterranean plants in pots 7 x 7cm and / or paper-pot (by request ) as well as young trees: Ø12 height 50 cm, Ø15 height 90 and 15×15 height 210 cm; that product is indicated to specialized nurseries. P rimavita is made up by 18000 square meters of mother plants fields, for the production of cuttings and seeds and shadow areas for the growth of young trees; 15,000 square meters of greenhouses, designed according to innovative criteria in order to ensure the welfare and health of the plants and at the same time ensure the reduction of waste and emissions.



di Cataldi D., Lusito M. e De Palma G.

Sp. 56 Molfetta/Ruvo km 3,1000
70056 Molfetta (Ba)

Ph: +39 080 3385262

Fax: +39 080 2220908