Project Description

Radicepura is an unique place nestled in a suggestive setting, a multipurpose space with tree souls including naturalness and eco-friendly innovation. Radicepura is an horticultural park water and energy selfsufficient. More than 5 hectares and over than 3000 species, the Seed Bank, all of these features make Radicepura a centre of excellence for researches, landscapers and garden designers.

Charm and sustainability are, therefore, the main features of this park, which is one of the most avant garde location for its unique setting and a point of reference for the business community. Its goal is to satisfy every wish and need with style and functionality at the highest levels. Radicepura is still growing his green areas and 9 new gardens will be opened in 2017. In the same year it will be the setting of Radicepura Garden Festival, the first event on garden design in the Mediterranean.


Strada 17, 19 – Frazione di San Leonardello 95014 Giarre,
95014 Giarre CT
Tel. +39 095964154