Project Description

Technology and innovation at the service of nurseries – Tecnopiante was founded in 1991 with the precise desire to find the best solutions to optimize the production results of our customers nurserymen.
Both our plants and our paperpots are all tested to face and solve both technically and aesthetically the needs of an increasingly prepared clientele.
We mainly produce Mediterranean or similar plants, first of all the olive tree, both in young plants and as finished plants, in site free from Xylella according to paragraph 2 of art. 9 of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) no. 789/2015 subsequent amendments..
For the production we use our Elepot® Method. This production method, unlike others, such as perlite etc., improves the rooting speed, gives a stronger root system, increases the working speed during transplantation, guarantees 100% rooting, offers a high uniformity of the cultivation and reduces transport costs.
We market our young plants, as well as our Elepot® and we are already present not only in Italy, but also in Spain, France and Greece.
Our products are: olive trees, young plants, Elepot®



Contrada Conghia Monopoli,
Bari 70043 IT
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