Project Description

The company Terra Alta includes an area of 10 hectares, especially used to the production of herbs and Mediterranean flowers (Argyranthemum, Agathaea, Gazania, Osteospermum, Mesembryanthemum, Solanum, Lantana, Fuchsia, Sundavillea …). In addition, we also have the traditional production of climbing roses with patent meilland and pulsen. Our large selection can be labeled in a personalized way according to the customer, from the garden center to supermarket chain.

The computer system is the main feature of our company, allowing the customers to order directly on-line and to check the availability of products, which is updated in real time. The company is specialized in the production of herbs/lavenders and Mediterranean flowers and we offer a large choice of varieties in different diameters.


Regione Bagnoli, 1 Albenga (SV)
Tel: +39 0182 58661
Fax: +39 0182 586658