Project Description

Umbraflor is the largest woodland nursery producer in Umbria and among the most important in Italy, working towards agricultural economic development, environmental promotion, and biodiversity protection.
Umbraflor carries out numerous activities, including:
• plant and woodland nursery service in Spello, Gubbio and Spoleto
• applied research activities with CNR, CRA, and Park 3A in Todi;
• training and refresher activities in company structures for students
and professionals;
• diagnosis and analysis of stability conditions of all tree species;
• assistance, set-up, and management service for wood and fruit
arboriculture facilities; services for public and private green areas;
Among the many products that the company offers, you can find in particular: mycorrhizal plants with truffles from locally sources certified by the University of Perugia, valuable walnut and chestnut cultivars grafted for fruit growing and poplar trees that do not produce fluff, cancer-resistant cypress trees patented by IPP-CNR, dutch elm disease resistant elms, trees, shrubs, hedges, etc. and woodland plants certified in accordance with Legislative Decree 386/2003.


Via Castellaccio, 6 06038 Spello (PG)
Tel: +39 0742.315007
Fax: +39 0742.315007