Project Description

Vivai Cantatore, located in Ruvo di Puglia (BA), was born in the last eighties with the dream of “producing plants”.
Thirty years after it has become a solid reality, sinking its experience in the research and production of Mediterranean ornamental pottery plants, offering an ideal product for any environment.
The climate so generous, but at times so narrow of the heart of Apulia, has led us to the constant search for various varieties and varieties resistant to our climate, studying in depth the characteristics of each plant we cultivated.
We firmly believe that by combining quantity and quality you have one of the best products.



S. P. 56, Ruvo-Molfetta Km 0,500
70037 Ruvo di Puglia, Bari, Italia.
Tel. e fax: +39 080 3628901
Mobile: Vincenzo Cantatore +39 348 3154077; Michele Cantatore 3403661482