Project Description

Our nursery-gardening company, Vivai Capitanio, specialised in the production of outdoor ornamental plants cultivated with innovative production techniques, is located in the heart of Puglia, between the Murgia of the Trulli and Salento, surrounded by monumental millenary olives trees in the countryside of Monopoli. Ours is a story of growth that runs through 50 hectares of nursery including greenhouses and open air fields; but it is also, and above all, a story of colors: an incredibly wide range that characterizes the over 600 varieties that are produced with particular care and attention every day. In the cultivation areas of Vivai Capitanio there are decorative plants grown up using controlled and continuously monitored production methods, making use of the best-in-class technologies in the agricultural sector. The crops are extended into areas free from the bacterium Xylella: an important guarantee towards the protection of the whole industry, as well as its economy at a local level.
For us, indeed, to cultivate means to nurse, to respect and to defend nature, because it is from here that our wealth comes from.
The presence of the botanic garden “Lama degli Ulivi” testifies that; it is a true natural jewel where more than 2000 species live in perfect harmony in an ancient karst river called “lama”.



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