Project Description

“Capitanio Stefano” is a nursery specialized in the production of outdoor ornamental plants which rises in the heart of Apulia. During 25 years of activity the company has improved both the number of species produced and the dedicated area: now, it produces about 400 varieties of plants along more than 30 hectares of outdoor nursery, together with 5 hectares of greenhouses used for propagation, acclimatization and cultivation of some sub-tropical plants.
Shrubs, bushes, trees, small trees, ground cover, climbing and succulent plants … the company covers the whole cycle of production all along: from the propagation to the sale of finished plants. Shapes, colors, and behaviors of plants make the gardens like small beads botanical plants.


C.da Conghia 298 Monopoli (BA)
Tel: +39 080 801720
Fax: +39 080 801236