Project Description

A business with over 30 years of experience.
Established on 2,000 m2 of land in Terlizzi, a small town a few kilometers north of Bari, our firm today has become an enterprise that makes us proud and pleased. After many years, we are pleased to introduce our latest innovation, a FLOWER AND PLANT NURSERY CENTER that now extends over 50,000 m2, with 35,000 m2 of greenhouses plus 15,000 m2 of shade houses divided by species into four separate areas. We produce plants for re-cultivation, available in plugs or 7×7 cm pots, or 12-cm and 14-cm diameter pots in addition to saplings and striplings in 12cm- and 20-cm diameter pots, respectively. In addition, our highly specialized personnel, proper cultivation techniques, and continual auditing and selection of the hardy mother plants result in a high-quality final product that makes us stand out in the industry. With great care and professionalism, we take care immediately of all quotation and order requests, thanks to our constantly updated website. The advanced technology of our production cycles satisfies any national and international market need within a very short time.


Sede legale: S.P. Terlizzi-Molfetta,3
Sede operativa: C.da Pozzo Schettini 70038 TERLIZZI (Bari)
Tel: 349.5402544 – 327.4015297