Project Description

Vivai Spinelli, familiar nursery leaded by the forth generation, provides a wide selection of innovative cultivars for avant-garde orchards. The firm collaborates with the most important European plant breeders to satisfy customers’ needs and to improve their profitability.

The extension of the farm with its suitable systems allows to make a continuous production that meets requests of the market.

Vivai Spinelli is enrolled at CO.VI.P. (the Apulian Consortium of Nurserys) which guarantees the quality of the propagation material.

Informazioni Contatti


S.P.139 Km 6.5 Contrada Canale, 70010 Sammichele di Bari (BA)

Tel e Fax: +39 080 8910734 Cell. Gerardo Spinelli: +39 330 840084

email: web: 

Facebook: Vivai Piante Spinelli Instagram: vivaispinelli