Press Conference in the Chamber of Deputies to present the new fiscal measure

On 25 October 2017, in the Chamber of Deputies in Palazzo Montecitorio, a press conference presenting the Green Bonus was held while the Parliament was involved in approving the measure.

ANVE was present at the meeting confirming its support for the initiative and constant cooperation with political and institutional bodies.

Presenting the amendment’s contents were the Hon. Edoardo Fanucci, Vice President of the Budget Committee; the Hon. Ermete Realacci, President, Environmental Committee; the Hon. Maurizio Bernardo, President, Finance Committee; the Hon. Caterina Bini and Sen. Gianluca Susta, Members of Parliament; and Nada Forbici, President, Assofloro Lombardia. Among the Budget Law’s innovations is a tax credit for urban green without houses and condominiums. Thus, once the Senate has completed the process, it will be possible for income tax purposes in 2018 to deduct an amount equal to 36% of documented expenses up to a maximum of €5,000 for individual and condominium building units.

Operations that will benefit from the deduction are:

a) the re-greening of barren areas without existing buildings, real estate units, pertinences or fences, and irrigation and well-drilling facilities;

b) the creation of green roofs and hanging gardens. Expenses also include those for design and maintenance related to carrying out these operations. The deduction will be divided into ten annual installments of equal amount.

The provision thus introduces a 36% deduction of costs incurred during 2018 for special re-greening actions in barren areas pertaining to building units with particular regard to the supply and planting of greenery, the upgrading of turf, the creation or adaptation of irrigation systems as well as the restoration and renovation of greenery in gardens of historical and artistic interest.


TheHon. Edoardo Fanucci expressed his complete satisfaction, “This measure welcomes the proposed law for which I am a signatory. Moreover, I was the representative who proposed it as an amendment to the Stability Law four years ago, which also had strong support among Italy’s nursery gardening associations and consortiums This is just one step in a long run. The wealth of our nursery gardening sector needs to be further enhanced, protected, and promoted. This is why stabilizing the Green Bonus is essential to provide continuity over time for the expected benefits and to further support the chain.”.


Deputy Caterina Bini also expressed her enthusiasm by stating that this is “an exceptional outcome for the nursery gardening sector. With the passage of this bill, for which I am the third signatory, a 36% deduction has been approved to allow for the re-greening of barren areas as well as for the restoration of gardens of historical interest. I’m truly proud. When we are able to achieve concrete acts for the good of the country, good policy triumphs and goals are reached.”



At long last, this measure stimulates urban green for social, economic, and natural well-being. Nursery gardening is thus achieving successful and recognizable results that are present and well organized in institutional tables. These initiatives must continue to raise public awareness and improve knowledge of greenery and of Italy’s outstanding products. Incentives, promotion, training, communication, and quality enhancement are key ingredients for developing the chain as well as growth in the domestic and international markets.