ANVE – is the National Association of Nurserymen Exporters represents Italian nursery companies. Nationwide, it unites, serves, and supports with reference for nursery entrepreneurs engaged in the import-export of ornamental plants, promoting Italian plant-nursery varieties and the Italian Style.



ANVE offers its members useful services as well as support for production activities resulting from special agreements with private companies and public institutions. To strengthen its own institutional representation, ANVE works with the most important Italian authorities and participates in ministerial forums by contributing to the improvement of industry policies.



Membership in ANVE, the only national association of plant-nursery producers, means: Representing the Italian nursery sector’s needs and propositions before political, administrative, union, and social bodies; addressing safety, environmental, and labor issues; Adopting local, national, and EU incentive opportunities etc…


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1907, 2023

POPILLIA JAPONICA & PHYTOWEB.IT: an interesting update promoted by ANVE in collaboration with ITA -Italian Trade Agency-

19 July 2023|0 Comments

  On Thursday 13 July, an interesting webinar entitled "NEWS IN HORTICOLTURE - Focus on Popillia japonica and tools to support Export" was held, organised by ANVE – National Nurserystock [...]

1509, 2021

Anve Delegates in Munich at the Summer Meeting of Ena – European Nurserystock Association

15 September 2021|0 Comments

From September 1-4, 2021, the ENA European Nurserystock Association General Assembly was held in Bavaria, Germany. It was the first face-to-face meeting following the COVID emergency and was attended by [...]

The Institutions

“The floriculture sector, hit hard by the pandemic was surely wounded but not destroyed. It is exactly for this reason that a reliable recovery and relaunch project is needed, also in light of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. We must no longer find ourselves in the position of having to repair and restore damages, regardless of their nature, but rather envisage a mechanism that is able to preserve our enterprises, our producers and their families while increasing productivity and competitiveness…..”
Stefano Patuanelli , Minister of agriculture food policy, forestry and tourism policies
“…The world is changing fast. It is making a major turnaround in many areas. Plants are not a luxury anymore. They are now a necessity. The nurseries must take this advantage of these new market opportunities that will be even more growing due to the climate change and will increasingly also lead to a change the way plants are being used for, to grow and plant more so-called climate trees, which are better able to cope with the future climate and especially with the urban climate. People do and will always need plants, so let’s grow them!
I wish you a successful 2021!.”
Jan-Dieter Bruns , President ENA
“…2020 was a very challenging year for the global ornamental horticulture industry. The COVID-19 pandemic surprised everyone and severely damaged business in our sector for a time, in addition to the sadness of so many lives lost to the virus.However, despite the problems of the year, the International Association
of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has been able to provide
a valuable global network for the industry….”
Bernard Oosterom, AIPH President
“…2021 has begun for everyone under sign of hope. Hope for the return to ‘normality’ and recovery, including economic recovery, after the Covid-19 pandemic put a strain on entire industries, including nursery gardening. We will never be able to forget those first, dramatic March days, when the damage caused by the lack of sales due to the lockdown added up lost cost of so many human lives and people affected by the virus….”

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