The new facility has opened its doors to the public

On 14-15 November, the inauguration of FICO Eataly World, the world’s largest agro-food park, took place in Bologna where the entire supply chain of Italian food, from field to table, is represented.

ANVE had been invited to attend by the Fondazione FICO, which works to publicize those values related to Mediterranean food and diet, the Italian food and wine culture, a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, knowledge of the traditions and history of agriculture, working in three areas of interest: training and teaching for schools, scientific research, and promotion.


Covering 90,000 square meters, the park boasts many attractions, with over 40 eateries; 6 experiential and multimedia courses; 6 classrooms; a large 4,000 square-meter modular convention center, able to accommodate 50-1,000 seats including the cinema; markets and shops with quality Italian products; and 2 hectares for breeding and cultivation with 200 animals and 2000 cultivars including a citrus greenhouse, a vineyard, an orchard and a truffle-ground, 30 events and 50 courses per day in classrooms, the theater, and educational spaces.

The first of the two days was dedicated mainly to Bologna’ inhabitants, with thousands of visitors fascinated and inspired by the many attractions. On the second day, the ribbon-cutting was attended by representatives from local and national institutions, with the presence of Paolo Gentiloni, Council President; Ministers Maurizio Martina, Dario Franceschini, Gianluca Galletti ,and Giuliano Poletti; Stefano Bonaccini, President, Emilia Romagna Region; and Virginio Merola, Mayor of Bologna.

Among the “hosts” were Tiziana Primori (A.D., Fico Eataly World), Alessandro Bonfiglioli (D. CA. CAAB), Oscar Farinetti (Eataly’s Founder), Andrea Segrè (President, FICO Foundation), and Andrea Cornetti (D.G. Prelios SGR).


The important nursery gardening companies were also among the companies present, having furnished and set up spaces with their products showing that the non-food agricultural sectors are also an integral and active part of our national excellences.







ANVE President Marco Cappellini expresses his full support for the project:

“It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for tourists and visitors who can spend family and work time in a new and innovative environment in this structure that was once Bologna’s Agro-Food Center. Now completely renovated according to modern, eco-sustainable architectural criteria, it is certain that it will be successful and increase the strength of our companies as well as high-quality Italian products. I would especially like to thank our CAAB friends, Alessandro Bonfiglioli and Duccio Caccioni, for inviting us. It is important for us to understand how the promotion of agricultural products is evolving, a key element also for plants and flowers, and a development engine for our economy.”