Industrie Grafiche Pacini was founded in 1872 in Pisa.
Industrie Grafiche Pacini is a publishing company and printing industry that has always invested in training and new technologies; our mission is to offer a higher quality of content and a variety of communication tools.
Hence, our commitment to meet the needs of our target markets which
are in continuos development. Since its early days, Pacini manages the
whole cycle of productions by the help of its qualifiedstaff who control
the product from the project all the way to the printing, packaging and
worldwide distribution.
Industrie Grafiche Pacini was the firstpublisher and printing company in Italy to be certifiedwith ISO-9001 and also obtained the FSC certificationa few years ago: Pacini considers environment and nature essential; that’s
why cooperation with ANVE is particularly important and in line with
our policy of bringing out the real excellences of Italy abroad, including
ANVE and its member companies.

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