Invitation to the seminar 

 Xylella fastidiosa: law enforcement

and its impact on the international market

Flormart, ANVE institutional Area Pavilion 5, No.5-E-187

20 September at 11 a.m.

Via Tommaseo 59, Padova.

On 20 September at 11 a.m., at the 69th SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL FLOROVIVAISMO E ARCHITETTURA DEL PAESAGGIO E INFRASTRUTTURE VERDI – FLORMART, in the ANVE institutional area positioned at number 5-E-187, the seminar “Xylella fastidiosa: law enforcement and its impact on the international market” will take place.


  • Franco Manzato: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry with mandate on Phytosanitary Security
  • Gianni Cantele: President Coldiretti Puglia
  • Michele Lacenere: President Confagricoltura Bari
  • Donato Boscia: PONTE and XF-ACTORS international scientific research consortia

The meeting will be moderated by the President ANVE Leonardo Capitanio.

The audience also composed of the AIPH Association representatives coming from all over the world, will be updated with the latest news about the monitoring and eradication of the terrible phytopathogenic bacteria.

In fact, this bacterial disease has been compromising the commercialisation of italian products abroad. All this also after the provisions of the European Commission and, recently also of Puglia Region, that is the displacement of the infected area, and relative containment and buffer areas, 20 km northwards.  

For this reason, ANVE considered necessary to organise this seminar, wishing to restore confidence in the Italian plants health trying to find a solution about the change of strategies that could privilege the elimination of the infected material and also of the one potentially carrying the disease, limiting the control measures adopted until now, to the areas where the eradication of the bacteria is impossible. It is necessary to draw the attention to an eradication strategy in those currently pest-free areas where the monitoring has provided comforting data regarding this matter.

All this has the aim of protecting the nursery gardening poles that are located within the pest-free areas.

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