Internships for university students

In the 2020-21 academic year, the Department of Agriculture and Forest Sciences (DAFNE) of Tuscia University, Viterbo is going to offer a Bachelor degree course on Seed Production and Nursery Management (degree course L-25 in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Technologies). This course is developed with the aim to meet the needs of seed companies and plant nurseries in the fields of fruit trees, vegetable crops, floriculture and ornamentals, and forest trees. These companies work in highly competitive national and international markets which require a continuous search for technological innovations as well as graduate technicians able to schedule and manage seed production and young plants of high quality with specific agronomic characteristics. The graduate students in Seed Production and Nursery Management will have knowledge and expertise in agronomy phytopatology, biotechnology, economic and regulatory aspects, and marketing, together with practical experience gained in private companies, public institutions, laboratories, or professional orders involved directly in the graduate course. The main areas of work for graduate students are consultancy and management of plant and seed production in companies or as freelancers; certification of quality of plant and seed production; constitution, registration and protection of new varieties, and marketing activity in nursery production. For more information contact Prof. Francesco Rossini (