Giuntoli Vivai

Via Fiorentina, 484
Pistoia (PT)
Tel. +39 340 6337387

We decided to start a production founded exclusively on the principles of quality and customer service: in September 1998, as a small individual company, Giuntoli Vivai was born. Today our business is spread over three hectares entirely dedicated to pot cultivation. The formats we have chosen, 3, 10 and 30 liters, allow us to maintain and constantly extend our range of products, currently focused on evergreen and deciduous trees, from maples, to magnolias, to Medi-terranean plants, but not only that.

By virtue of the experience gained over the course of all this time, we are now able to cultivate varieties on request and agree with our customers entirely dedicated cultivation cycles. Experience, quality and customer service guide us to-wards a future dedicated to sustainability and protection of the environment: our trees will trace this path.

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