The PHYTOWEB portal, co-funded by Ministry of Economic Development and Italian Trade Agency offers a search engine to locate information of interest, whether related to the destination country, a plant to be exported or even plant pests. In addition, forms, customs and plant health authorizations, quarantine pests on plants and packaging materials, plant material authorized and banned for export, the regulatory references may be consulted. In december 2019 with the entry into force of the new “Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 on protective measures against pests of plants”, the phytosanitary requirements for import, production and handling of ornamental plants within the territory of the European Union will be add.



The PHYTOWEB portal is made of a search engine where you can select the information of interest, whether they are related to the country of destination or species of plants to be exported, or even harmful pathogens.


You can see the forms, customs and phytosanitary permits, the normative references, the pathogenic species and which plants are authorized or prohibited to export.