Toffolon Piante

Via Bassanese 69
Bessica di Loria (TV)
Cell.: +39  393 9137885 (Enrico)
Cell.: +39 328 2241748 (Elisa)

Solid roots,
green future.

Company History

Toffolon Piante is a family-run business specializing in the production of young plants. With approximately 5 hectares dedicated to mother plants, greenhouses, and open spaces, the company cultivates a wide range of ornamental, aromatic, medicinal, perennial, and fruit plants. Founded on a love for family and the land, the company is led by Enrico and Elisa Toffolon.

Enrico, the owner, manages the company’s organization, resources, and commercial agreements, especially with foreign markets, in addition to overseeing production activities and laboratory controls. Elisa, the production manager, oversees all stages from cutting to repotting, handling quality control and managing Italian customers.

Toffolon Piante stands out for its commitment to sustainability, using renewable energy and raw materials to ensure high-quality plants, handcrafted and environmentally friendly. The production of young plants is carried out using advanced cutting and micropropagation techniques. The company employs a semi-automated management system and specialized labor to offer a diverse selection of plants that meet market demands.

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