Vivai Coppolino

Contrada Mollerino
Terme Vigliatore (ME)
Tel/Fax: +39 090 9781246
Cell.: +39 347 7096310
Cell.: +39 347 1367521

Founded in 1999, the company was born out of love for nature and respect for the environment.

At the beginning there was only an orchard and a thousand difficulties, but soon our vocation for the territory and passion for greenery led us to work for numer-ous customers, pushing us towards continuous improvement.

For four years we have participated in the FLORMART in Padua which has served as a showcase for clients of international caliber.

The attention to the products and shrewd company choices always aimed at quality, have made Vivai Coppolino a structured company, with a highly spe-cialized staff, which joins the family management founded on love and dedica-tion for this work.


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