Vivai De Laurentiis

C. da Cipollaro, 23
Casoli (CH)
Tel/Fax: +39 0872 982326

Vivai De Laurentiis since 1929 grows a wide range of outdoor ornamentals plants in pots from 3 to liters. The microclimate characterized by thermal chang-es for night between night and day, low winter temperatures and excellent water quality for irrigation gives strength and resistance to the plants.
Quality is ensured by use of controlled release fertilizer avoid fertigation, mixing soil for each type of plant, repeated pruning and spacing made with a mecha-nized system. The environmental impact is reduced using recycled and recycla-ble pots, removing the use of herbicides using only organic mulching materials for weed management.
The sales network, the newsletter with photo and stock availability, be on social media, custom photo labels personalized with custom-er name and logo, fast, dynamic and widespread logistics meets the needs of customers.

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