Project Description

Our company, Pagani Vittori, has had a passion for producing outdoor ornamental plants since 1979.
We have built up experience in the industry and because we believe in the future of floriculture, we have passed this experience on to the younger generations who we welcome to the team.
Our nursery is located in the city of Meina, in Piemonte, on the stunning hills of Lake Maggiore.
We cultivate and sell Azalea,Camellia, Rododendro, Pieris, Acer’s, Cornus and other acidophilic plants in Italy and throughout Europe.
We believe in sustainable agriculture, the development of renewable energies and having respect for both nature and people. In fact not only do we invest in alternative energy, but our activity is also subject to monitoring by the Certification Authority (MPS certification) which verifies and certifies, from an environmental perspective, the accuracy of our cultivation techniques.


Sede operativa: Via per Invorio 82 – 28046 Meina (NO)
Sede legale: Via Castagnara 70 – 28046 Meina (NO)
Cel.: +39 335 7159693
Fax: +39 0322 218491