Project Description

APICE PIANTE® is one of the largest and most modern nursery companies in Italy, thanks to the MICROPROPAGATION laboratory. Over thirty-five years of experience and a lot of passion have led to high quality standards, cultivation competence and market vision.

Located in Abruzzo, the company has its roots in 1982 and starts with the in vitro production of fruit trees, virus-free rootstocks, olive trees and vines. Over the years, the company expands; offices, greenhouses and numerous squares for plant cultivation are built. Furthermore, ample space is given to sustainability with the construction of photovoltaic systems, remote controlled fertigation system and biomass greenhouse heating system.

The MICROPROPAGATION carried out in the modern laboratory is the basis of the production cycle. All company production is certified at various levels, both C.A.C. that VIRUS FREE, thanks to the new MOTHER PLANT FIELD; therefore there is the maximum phytosanitary guarantee that accompanies all production.



del dr. Di Primio Roberto
Via Val di Foro, 45
66010 Ripa Teatina (CH) Italy
Tel./Fax: +39 0871 399121
Cell.: +39 342 6689725