Project Description

Assoverde, the Associazione Italiana Costruttori del Verde, is a nationally important organization capable of promoting at all levels the interests and expertise of its members in the field of maintenance, gardening and floriculture.
The association encourages dealings among its members and promotes member companies with institutional bodies. It enhances and supplements the technical skills of its members, offering professional training and the dissemination of methodological and organizational innovations in the sector. It represents and defends member interests vis-à-vis national and local institutions and creates initiatives aimed at understanding and developing biodiversity, with a focus on recovery issues and solutions as well as sustainable urban development.
In short, Assoverde assists, supports and interacts with national and regional organizations and institutions as regards cultural, historical, artistic and architectural issues related to the design and care of gardens and parks.
We believe that our job is to form partnerships between those who create, care for, and manage these green spaces with those who produce the raw materials used in those spaces, a fundamental task that can lead to achieving common objectives.

Partnership ANVE – ASSOVERDE


ASSOVERDE – Associazione Italiana Costruttori del Verde
Viale della Costituzione, 1- 40050 Valsamoggia – Monteveglio (BO)
Tel: 051/6707195 – Fax: 051/6702633