Project Description

The Giorgio Tesi Group is one of the leading plant nurseries in Europe for the production of ornamental plants and surfaces and dimensions cultivated. Other than the Headquarters in Pistoia, the European capital of plant nurseries, the company possesses a further 4 branches for more than 500 hectares of surface.
The Tesi Group produces all species and varieties of plants that the European and international markets request, from young plants to specimens of large dimensions, from geometric forms to trees for cities and boulevards, plants for the garden centre and large distribution, for all of the climactic zones, and for the various typologies of public and private terrain.
It cultivates over 700 varieties of plants with 2.7 million plants in production for 2500 customers worldwide. Over 2 million plants are sold each every year in 50 countries, with 85% of our sales abroad.


Via di Badia, 14 Pistoia (PT)
Tel: +39 0573 530051
Fax: +39 0573 530486